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Surfing Lessons in Barbados in December, January and February!
Surfing Lessons in Barbados are busiest during the winter months. The
warm, blue water attracts both Beginner and Intermediate Surfers.
Consistent swells ensure great Surf Conditions so Surf Lessons are a
success no matter what level you are. Since there are a variety of Surf
Breaks in Barbados, offering mobile Surf Lessons is key! It not only gives
Surfers an opportunity to have a Surf Lesson in the Surf spot most
appropriate for their level of Surfing, it keeps Surf breaks uncrowded so
you can maximize your wave count in a safe Surf Lesson.
Additionally, variety helps you improve so being able to have a Surf
Lesson at different Surf breaks in Barbados (for those who do multiple
Surfing Lessons) gives you confidence and experience that helps you
take your Surfing to the next level.
There are certain weeks during these months that children and
teenagers are the majority in the Surf Lessons. They often pick it up
easily and have the energy to keep coming back for more. Surfing is a
great outdoor sport that we enjoy year round here in Barbados so we
are happy to share it with guests and for us if someone falls in love with
Surfing from our Surf Lessons we feel super accomplished! We see this
happen often with children and teens who come back annually to have
Surf Lessons with us while in Barbados. Just last week I got below from
a parent whose teen daughter has had Surf Lessons with us 4 years in a
“Hi Christie,
I just wanted to thank you and the guys for making Maizie’s holiday, she has had a great time surfing
every day.Thank you all so much and hopefully see you next year!Lisa x”

Book your Surfing Lessons with us well in advance in winter months
guys! It gets busy!

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