Surf Lessons at Barry’s Surf School allow you to ride your first wave which can change your life forever! During our Beginner Surf Lessons you glide across the ocean so effortlessly it becomes addictive; sometimes obsessive; Surfing is the ultimate experience and adventure to add to your holiday and everyday life. Learning to Surf with Barrys’ Surf School in Barbados can save you time and help you to develop a true appreciation of our waves and the ocean that surrounds you . Our instructors are well trained and have spent many years Surfing the waters of Barbados. 99% of students who do Beginner Surf Lessons with us stand up in their first Surfing Lesson – an experience they will never forget!


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Beginner Surf Lessons are specifically designed to cater to individuals with no previous experience. Before you know it, you’ll be paddling out into the open sea, confidently catching waves, and embracing the rush that only surfing can provide. One of the fantastic aspects of Beginner Surf Lessons is that they are usually held in groups, allowing you to learn alongside fellow beginners who are just as excited and eager as you are. These groups are led by experienced Instructors who are there to guide you and help you have a fun experience.

  • “Intro To Surfing” offers Surf Lessons designed to teach you the fundamentals of Surfing. Whether you have never done a Surf Lesson before or tried to Surf a couple times one of our professional instructors will teach you the keys to rapid progress while you have lots of fun during your Surf Lesson.
  • Our Surf Lessons start with 15-20 mins of “on the beach” instruction. We then take the Surf Lesson to the water for approx 1 hr 45 mins where you are Surfing with the instructor who guides you through different Surfing techniques to help you catch and ride waves on your own.
  • Surf Lesson includes Surf board and rash vest.

Our sweet and amazing Operations Manager Christie Banfield is Barbados 2005 girl surfer of the year. And also responsible of all bookings and accounting always with a big smile, she will definitely help you at anytime.

Barry Banfield

I am grateful to be born in Barbados and to be able to share all this tropical paradise has to offer with others. I started Barrys Surf School back in 2005 and have been working to make it better every year. The Team that works with me are amazing and I am very thankful for all great experiences we have shared together over the years. Here at Barrys Surf School we welcome you as our guest and you leave as our friend.

Barry B

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