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Capital of Barbados is Bridgetown
Barbados Population is around 280,000
Barbados Time Zone is the same as Eastern Standard Time as it is in the Atlantic there is no daylight saving time.
Barbados Geography length 21 miles X 14 miles wide, coral stone island in the Atlantic Ocean. South and west coast have long endless beaches and fringing reefs. East Coast has rugged cliffs and on shore trade winds making the Atlantic side great for Surfing.
Barbados Climate sunny 350 days of the year and you can find Surf on the island 360 days of the year, that’s right Surf 360 days of the year! The Water Temperature is 80 F year round the Temperature on island varies from 75-85 F year round.
Barbados Language English but with a heavy accent some times cutting words in half and joining them in to others. It is really fun trying to understand locals talking to one another. Most of them speak perfect English to visitors.
Barbados Currency $1US is the equivalent of $2Bds approx.
Driving in Barbados is on the left hand side of the road it makes life really interesting for the traveling Surfers who mostly come from the United States. A one year license cost Bds $10 and can be obtained from any Car Rental company. You are allowed to drive on your license for the first 2 days of your arrival.
Barbados Electricity Barbados runs on 110 volts at 50 cycles. (The states uses 60 cycles, your appliances will work but the clocks will not keep proper time.)
Barbados Documents every visitor entering Barbados must have a valid passport and return ticket. Visitors who are citizens of the U.S. or Canada may be admitted for 3 months by producing an original birth certificate and acceptable photo identification on arrival.
Barbados Departure when leaving Barbados there is a departure tax of $60Bds= $30US this used to be collected in cash at departure but is now collected by the airline. This fee was set on the 1/Feb/2007 and is a part for your airfare. Don’t worry about it you have already paid.

Other interesting facts

Life is good Barbados was ranked third out of 160 developing countries world wide in 1996 by the United Nations Development index ahead of countries like Ireland, Italy and Spain.(Hong Kong ranked first and second was Cyprus).
Barbadians are Friendly Surveys show visitors highlight the friendliness of Barbadians as the Countries greatest asset. And this is shown in the level of returning visitors and surfers to the island year after year. This remains at a rate of 39% returning visitors.
Barbadians are Smart A sound free educational system has put the literacy rate at 97%. Barbadians also have a history of long ingrained Christian principles.
Government Barbados has the third oldest parliament in the world with 358 years of an uninterrupted parliamentary system of government.
Island Barbados is the only island in the region that is made up of coral stone making the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and epic surfing conditions for surfers of all levels.
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