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Barbados Surfing the South Coast

The south coast of Barbados is the perfect place to stay for Surfers who are looking for good restaurants and popular night life in close proximity to the Surf. The most consistent breaks are South Point and Brandon’s. There are other amazing spots, such as Surf Barbados Freights Bay and Accra.
The Surf in Barbados is usually good for 8 months of the year (November – June). The south coast has long peeling lefts that make your legs burn after a while. The trade winds blow out of the ENE which makes the swells clean and the Surf is super fun. The best time to Surf on the south side of Barbados is at low tide because the waves get really powerful and fast.
If the waves and wind drop off the conditions are likely to be great for Surfing at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados. Soup Bowl is only a 30 minute drive from the south coast.

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Freights Bay is located on the South Coast, just above the town “Oistins”. The wave is in a sheltered bay that creates off-shore winds. Frights bay is the longest left in Barbados and as it is not very powerful it is great for long boarders, intermediate surfers and even beginners. The South east swells wrap around South Point and roll straight into Freights Bay creating these perfect surf conditions. When the swells are over 6 ft the wave can become very hollow, making it perfect for short boarders as well. This wave breaks in about 4 ft of water the bottom is mostly sand and reef making very safe for all surfers.

Finding Freights

The only way to get to most surf spots in Barbados is to rent a car. To find Freights drive through the town of Oistins and turn right at the Y junction going towards Enterprise. Take the second right, then you will come to a T junction overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Turn left at the junctions and drive for 100 meters and then you will see a long, perfect wave – Freights!


Brandens is located on the South Coast, near to Bridgetown. This wave is a long left that is perfect for all levels of Surfers. The big open face of the wave makes it great for hitting the lip and getting long rides. Brandens breaks on a reef and reels for about 75 meters. The surf is good on a South East wind swell and the best time to Surf is at low tide. The beach is also amazing and you find many locals having picnics on the weekends while their children are Surfing. This wave is a must when visiting Barbados to Surf.

Finding Brandens

The best way to get around in Barbados is by renting a car. When on the South Coast, going towards Bridgetown, there is a police station on the left side and the garrison Savannah on the right. Take left down a steep hill and you have arrived at the Surf!

Surfing South Point Barbados

South Point is located on the South Coast of Barbados. It is a multiple peak wave, making it easy to avoid the many surfers that visit the area . It is mainly a left but rights are great as well. This wave is really hollow and fast. It picks up any swell coming from the Atlantic Ocean and is the first place the surfers check for waves on the South side. When Soup Bowl is on-shore, South Point is the next best place to surf.

Finding South Point

The only way to get to surf spots in Barbados is to rent a car. To find South Point drive through the town of Oistins and turn right at the Y junction going towards Enterprise. Take the second right, then you will come to a T junction overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Turn left at the junction and follow the road, take the first right and drive until you see a long line of cars parked on the right hand side of the road by a pink house. Park and walk down the grass patch, where you will see people surfing. You have reached South Point!

Barbados Surfing the East Coast

The East coast is home of the Soup Bowl – a world class right point break that is really heavy and hollow. This wave is for experienced Surfers. When the Surf is up, Soup Bowl Barbados can be compared to the north shore of Oahu. As it faces the east, the wind can often be a factor but there is always waves to Surf.
If the wind is on shore and the current is very strong, pulling to the north of Barbados, its time to get in car and go to the south coast. Usually South Point gets the first of the south east swell and is protected by the wind. The left and right peak make Surfing this wave really fun as you can mix it up. The best Surfing in Barbados is done at low tide.

Surfing Soup Bowl Barbados

Soup Bowl is located on the East Coast of Barbados. This wave is mainly a right that can be very heavy when the swells are big. The waves break in about 7 feet of water on a rock shelf that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Soup Bowl breaks best on a North swell but East and South east swells produce good waves as well. This wave is famous for its heavy barrels and big Surf. Every year surfers like Kelly Slater, Taylor Knoxs and the Malloy brothers come to the island of Barbados usually to film for upcoming Surf videos.
Finding Soup Bowl
The best way to travel in Barbados is to rent a car. Follow the signs to Bathsheba, there is a big hill, “Horse Hill” and the roads are very windy. At the junction at the bottom of the hill, keep straight and the road takes you straight to Soup Bowl.

Barbados Surfing the West Coast

The West coast of Barbados has fantastic waves. However, this side of the island is very inconsistent. If you are staying on West Coast chances are you will have to take a drive to find the Surf. Nevertheless if you wake up and the air feels cold there may be a low pressure system and you may get lucky and Surf a north swell. These swells wrap onto the West coast of Barbados. When these waves break its pure perfection this happens about 6 times a year (from Dec to April). The Surf on Barbados West coast lasts for about 3 days. However, don’t think you get away from the locals, as every Surfer in Barbados calls in sick because the waves are so good on this side of the island. There are many different spots to Surf like Maycocks,Tropicana and Batts Rock.

Surfing Batts Rock Barbados

Batts Rock is located on the West coast of Barbados. This is the first place to check for good Surf on the west coast if there is a north swell. The wave is a left that breaks in about 7ft of water and is probably the safest place to surf on this side of Barbados. The swells rise onto the reef and break in a perfect barrel all the way to the beach! The drop is steep and wedges like Pipeline.

Finding Batts Rock
In order to find Batts Rock drive north as you go through Bridgetown and up highway. You will come to a round-a-bout, where you keep straight and pass a Texaco gas station, then the road has a gentle decline and you will see a small public access sign on your left. Take this left and drive down the hill and you have arrived in Batts Rock.

Surfing Batts Rock Barbados


Surfing Maycocks Barbados


Surfing Maycocks Barbados

Maycocks is located on the North West side of Barbados. The wave is a super long right and is similar to Jeffery’s Bay when it breaks. It seems to go forever. Maycocks is sheltered by a cliff and the wind tends to be off-shore. There is a small beach with no buildings or houses around. Once there, you really feel like you are in a surfer’s paradise. Maycocks breaks best on a low tide which gives the wave some hollow sections. If you are lucky enough to travel to Barbados and surf Maycocks when there is a north swell you will never forget it!

Finding Maycocks

The only way to get to there is by car. Once you are there you have to walk down the cliff. However, some locals have big 4X4’s and venture down the cliff face. Our advice is to catch a ride or walk to the surf. To get there, drive north along the west coast of Barbados until you pass Port St. Charles (condominiums). Once at the Y junction, take left and follow the road up a hill until you pass the cement plant, take the next left and drive until you see a bakery on the left. Turn left by the bakery and follow the road to a dead end. Once there are waves you will see cars parked, walk to the cliff and take a look. You will see a perfect wave – Maycocks.

Surfing Tropicana Barbados

Tropicana is located on the West coast of Barbados. This barreling left is one of the most shallow waves you will ever surf. Do NOT surf at low tide if you value your life. The bottom is fire coral and very unforgiving. When surfing this break do not go right as you will butt up with some dry reef. It is great to watch the surfing from the beach as it is so close to the shore.
The shore break can also be huge and dangerous.

Finding Tropicana
The best way to get there is to drive North out of Bridgetown along the West coast road. About mid-way up the west coast keep an eye out for John Moore’s rum shop on the left hand side. About 50 meters after this shop you will see a church on the sea side. Pull into the car park for the church and out front is Tropicana – a perfect left – Surfers paradise.

Surfing Tropicana Barbados

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