The Best 5 Surf Breaks for Beginners in Barbados

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In Barbados there are many options for Surf breaks and depending on the time of year certain areas may be better suited for beginners Surf Lessons than at other times. When Learning to Surf in Barbados, your instructor will take you to the best spot to learn to Surf. If you go out exploring and practicing on your own, make sure to stick to one of these Surf spots so you can be safe while Learning to Surf in Barbados.

1. Dover Beach Surf Break

Located on the south coast of Barbados, Dover Beach is the home of Barry’s Surf School. The waves at Dover Beach are ideal when there is a swell from the South – South West. Closer to shore tends to be quite sandy but further out has a bit more reef. Dover beach provides the perfect beginner waves for learning to surf in Barbados.

2. Freights Bay Surf Break

Freights Bay boasts some of the best lefts on the South coast of the island. It is a well known beginner’s surf location because it is a very long break in a safe location. The sea floor is mostly sandy with a bit of coral towards the shore. The length of the waves also allows many surf schools to come here and teach their students, without having to worry about safety issues from being too close together.

3. Drill Hall Surf Break

Drill Hall tends to pick up with a very windy south swell. The waves produced are mostly lefts and vary between 1ft – 8 ft. It is a great spot for beginners because of the sandy reef below.

4. Pebbles Surf Break


Pebbles offers some great beginners waves depending on the time of year. It tends to pick up with a west to south west swell which can bring in some left waves that can vary between 1ft to 4ft high.

5. Parlour Surf Break

Parlour on a quiet day can produce some beautiful waves for beginner surfers. There is less power and intensity than Soup Bowl. It can produce some left and right waves. The sea floor consists of uneven reef which makes it a bit more dangerous and difficult getting in and out of the water where hidden sea urchins pose a serious threat. The swells can vary between 3-15 feet and are good at high or low tide.

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