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Barbados is a great Surf holiday spot for anyone looking to come and enjoy some Surfing. The warm water temperatures and beautiful scenery already make Barbados a worthwhile Surf Trip destination. Strong constant trade winds produce consistent, year round Waves for Surfing Lessons In Barbados on the South And South/East Coast.

The conditions in Barbados are perfect for Beginner’s Surf Lessons and those who just enjoy some good, fun waves. Most of the Surf spots in Barbados break onto flat coral reefs or sandy beaches.


The best season for Surfing in Barbados is from October to March this is when you can get a solid ground swell along the North and West coasts of the island. These swells produce bigger on shore waves along the East Coast and wrap around the north of the island producing very clean 1-10ft waves along the west coast.


Throughout the year Barbados sees waves from between 2 to 6ft around the island, with very clean and glassy conditions early in the mornings – This is the best time to go Surfing. The swell is produced by the North East Trade Winds. The Trade winds are consistent year round which allows you to find a rideable wave most days around the island.

During the summer months, April to September, Barbados enters the hurricane season. The storms in the Atlantic make the waves a lot more unpredictable For Surfing in Barbados. Depending on the wind direction of the storms they can either produce massive swells around the island, or the water can end up being dead calm.


Each coast has Surfing breaks suited to different levels, such as Dover and Freights Bay on the South Coast which are perfect for Beginner Surfers who are now learning to Surf in Barbados.


For the more advanced surfers you have many Surf Break options such as Tropicana and Sandy Lane on the West Coast of the island.  There is also Duppies and Maycocks along the North of the island and then finally Soup Bowl and Parlor on the East Coast of Barbados, there is literally something for everyone when it comes to Surfing in Barbados.

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