Maycocks is located on the North West side of Barbados. The wave is a super long right and is similar to Jeffery’s Bay when it breaks. It seems to go forever. Maycocks is sheltered by a cliff and the wind tends to be off-shore. There is a small beach with no buildings or houses around. Once there, you really feel like you are in a surfer’s paradise. Maycocks breaks best on a low tide which gives the wave some hollow sections. If you are lucky enough to travel to Barbados and surf Maycocks when there is a north swell you will never forget it!


Finding Maycocks

The only way to get to there is by car. Once you are there you have to walk down the cliff. However, some locals have big 4X4’s and venture down the cliff face. Our advice is to catch a ride or walk to the surf. To get there, drive north along the west coast of Barbados until you pass Port St. Charles (condominiums). Once at the Y junction, take left and follow the road up a hill until you pass the cement plant, take the next left and drive until you see a bakery on the left. Turn left by the bakery and follow the road to a dead end. Once there are waves you will see cars parked, walk to the cliff and take a look. You will see a perfect wave – Maycocks.

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