Tropicana is located on the West coast of Barbados. This barreling left is one of the most shallow waves you will ever surf. Do NOT surf at low tide if you value your life. The bottom is fire coral and very unforgiving. When surfing this break do not go right as you will butt up with some dry reef. It is great to watch the surfing from the beach as it is so close to the shore.

The shore break can also be huge and dangerous.


Finding Tropicana
The best way to get there is to drive North out of Bridgetown along the West coast road. About mid-way up the west coast keep an eye out for John Moore’s rum shop on the left hand side. About 50 meters after this shop you will see a church on the sea side. Pull into the car park for the church and out front is Tropicana – a perfect left – Surfers paradise.

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