Freights Bay is located on the South Coast, just above the town “Oistins”. The wave is in a sheltered bay that creates off-shore winds. This wave is the longest left in Barbados and as it is not very powerful it is great for long boarders, intermediate surfers and even beginners. The South east swells wrap around South Point and roll straight into Freights Bay creating these perfect surf conditions. When the swells are over 6 ft the wave can become very hollow, making it perfect for short boarders as well. This wave breaks in about 4 ft of water the bottom is mostly sand and reef making very safe for all surfers.


Finding Freights
The only way to get to most surf spots in Barbados is to rent a car. To find Freights drive through the town of Oistins and turn right at the Y junction going towards Enterprise. Take the second right, then you will come to a T junction overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Turn left at the junctions and drive for 100 meters and then you will see a long, perfect wave – Freights!

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