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Surfing in Barbados in September

September may just be the hardest time to predict for waves for Beginner Surfing Lessons in Barbados. We can never tell you for certain which Surf break your Surf Lesson will be held at and that is even less so at this time of year. There is typically no wind so that extra boost we get in winter months often leaves Dover and Freights typically as the flatter Surf spots pushing us to move our Surf Lessons to Drillhall (aka Brandons as our first option) or Surfer’s Point.
Intermediate Surf Lessons are even more challenging to plan for as you face a south coast that is often too small and an East that may just offer a little too much power and unpredictability especially for the lower level intermediate. We prefer to assess our Intermediate surfers on the south coast and if the East is where they need to be we will happily offer you Surf board rentals to take over that side and some helpful hints on where to paddle out, sit etc. Soupbowl really is an advanced wave and it proves too much a risk to take Surf Lessons there.
If you are a Surfer, it really can be a glorious time on the East as the lack of wind ensures clean (sometimes even glassy!) surf with an easy paddle out that allows for a long Surf Session if you have the time. The drive over can be tricky, lots of windy roads and not many signs to help you but Google Maps can be great company while making the trek – thankfully!
One positive about Surf in September in Barbados is if you are lucky to score a swell it is the most uncrowded month on the island! The line-up therefore has much smaller crowds so wave count is at a max and the friendly atmosphere leads to a fun, exciting surf session!

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