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Barbados is home to pristine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. This makes Barbados the perfect spot to Learn To Surf. There are many different Surf Breaks In Barbados around the island, some are perfect for Beginners Surfing In Barbados, whereas others are a bit more advanced such as Soup Bowl. Soup Bowl is one of Barbados’ most famous Surf spots which has seen surfers like Kelly Slater come down to tackle the famous break.


When you are looking to plan your Surf Trip In Barbados there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing would be to pick the right Surf School! Our Beginner Surfing Lessons start on the beach to make sure you have the technique covered before we hit the water. Our professional instructors will try our best to get you up and riding that wave! You can read more about our Surf Lessons In Barbados here .


Surf lessons in Barbados

Beginner Surf lessons in Barbados

Our instructors will teach you the steps so you can ‘pop up’ on the board and they will help get you on your first wave! Before you learn the pop up you need to determine your dominant leg, this will be the leg at the front of the board. If you are facing left on the board you are in a goofy stance, if you are facing right you are in a regular stance. If you are not sure what stance you are comfortable with¬† then you may need to practicing popping up on the beach on both sides to determine which stance feels the most comfortable.

For most Beginner Surfers your first Surf Lesson may be at the beautiful Freights Bay. Freights Bay is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers. The waves are left and long and not overly powerful which produces a perfect beginners wave. The water at Freights Bay isnt very deep and is mostly sandy on the bottom with reef closer to shore which is another reason why it is a great Beginners Surf Spot in Barbados. Your instructor will monitor the break and also make sure you don’t get in the way of the other surfers so that everyone can enjoy their session in a safe environment.

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