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Yo yo Barry and James! Thanks again for an awesome time in Barbados. I definitely saw a considerable improvement in my surfing skills this time out, although I am just now regaining the feeling in my arms. My stash of Wibisco Chocolate Tea Time Biscuits is already almost depleted, so I have begun to plan my next trip down. See ya guys soon! Jess
Jessica Nichol
Hey Barry! Well back to reality and back to work. Just wanted to say thank you for yet another great time! The surfing was as always, GREAT! Thanks for taking me out! Wish I could have gotten out there more, but hey, there is always next year! It was wonderful that you and Christie were able to make it out to Oistens. Erika and I had a great time with you two. It always makes the trip that much better when you meet really nice people. Say hello to her for us! And of course say hello to Ava and we were sorry that we didn't get to meet her. Anyway have a great and safe trip to CA! Keep in touch! Dave and Erika
Dave and Erika
Hi Barry and Adrian.,
Thanks again for some awsome sufing. I realty feel that this holiday I went from an amateur to and intermediate surfer. The icing on the cake, surfing the famous Soup Bowl on my final day. Its all down to you guys and the great instruction I recived at Surf Barbados. Next year Ill definatly book a full surf camp with you guys, surf all the great spots on the Island and have great fun! Thanks again, all the best.
Stuart Hall
Hi Barry,
Back in London now and just wanted to say a big thanks to you and Stefan for looking after Annabel and I so well in Barbados a couple of weeks ago. We had a brilliant time and really appreciated all you did for us. Surf Barbados definitely gets the Men's Health magazine seal of approval! Hope to see you again...
Cheers, Jon
Jonathan Thompson

I had a great session with Barry at Soup Bowl. He picked me up from my hotel, gave me a choice of boards, and provided a good description of the break and the areas of caution, and we have a great day in the surf.

Waves were great size, and great shape. And best part was that it was just us and a few other guys out there on a Friday afternoon.

Could not have been happier with the spot and Barry's service.


Geoff August

Hi Barry, Christie and Adrian,

Just writing to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Barbados thanks to your efforts before and during our trip. The Rosalie apartments were first rate, the lessons were a lot of fun, and the cruise was well worth it. I'm not sure when I'll get another chance to surf, but at least I have fulfilled a long-time wish to get out and try it. I will recommend Surf Barbados to anyone who asks about surf schools or Caribbean visits in general - all of you really went the extra mile to help us have a good trip.

Good luck and best wishes for a safe delivery in December!

Duncan and Leslie Rowland
Toronto, Canada

Hi Barry! Jeff and I had a great time last Saturday with the surf lessons. In fact, we loved Barbados so much we are hoping to plan a destination wedding there next May. We would love to have surf lessons for members of the wedding party as well as book a catamaran cruise to snorkel with the sea turtles. Would you be able to recommend a catamaran cruise company for a party around 20 people since you are familiar with the industry?

Thanks again and Iíll be posting a note on about your lessons!

Ann Marie Judson & Jeff Patrick

Just wanted to drop a line since arriving back to Canada and let you know how much I and my two children enjoyed the 2hr lesson on March 13th.

I was amazed at how quickly my 9 & 10 year old's were catching waves and riding them into the beach.

If ever back in Barbados we will definitely re-book with you again, however next time it will be for the 3 day lesson.

Thanks again

Allan MacIntosh

Hey guys,
Just wanted to tell you how awesome our lessons were with Adrian. We had such a great time learning to surf, had lessons for 2 days and had to keep surfing the rest of our week in Barbados. We ran into Barry while surfing on our last day on the island and he was great to us and helped us even though we weren't taking lessons from us that day. Our experience with you guys has been wonderful from the very fist email.
Thanks so much,
Brooke Sweet

Just a quick line to say thanks for everything you organised for us in Barbados. I don't think you could have organised us a more beautiful apartment. It was spectacular. Opening the door to the balcony each morning and walking out to see, hear and smell the ocean was just fantastic. I thanked her as we were leaving, but if you see Lashley again, please let her know how much we enjoyed that apartment.

Thanks also for your flexibilty on the surf boards, you really did jump through all the hoops to make sure we had what we wanted and for that we're extremely appreciative. You guys are the best and if there is anything that we can do to help you promote your great service, just say the word.

During the flight there we had discussed other possible places in the world to go surfing next year instead of Barbados. On the way back, we dismissed that idea and discussed how we could make our next visit to Barbados longer! Meeting up with you guys, 'Moo', Ricky, Renato, Paolo, Max, 'Hollywood' and all their respective friends and family has been an unforgettable experience. Surf, food, drink, music and great great company has left us so hungry for more of your island magic. Don't ever take what you have for granted. You both live in paradise.

Now I'm back in my office in a cold, cold Italy and winding down ready for my trip to the UK for Xmas. I still feel fit and strong, but I miss being in the warm water and waiting for the next wave. My tan may be fading away fast but the memory of Barbados 07 will never fade away. It was the trip of a life-time.

Thanks for everything you've done for us and, above all, thanks for being such great friends.

David James
Just to say thanks to you for our lessons, they were great, and thanks to Johnno for putting up with Ali and me for two days straight. We had a really great time and we're going to try to keep it up in England.

Sophie Dzwig

Mr. Barry,
Just wanted to add an extra thanks for your time. Ann Marie and I enjoyed ourselves fully. Thanks to you too Adrien for your support. If you's two come to the legendary surf of North Carolina's Outer Banks, you'll have to drop me a line. I'll try and make it over to see you. Either way, keep it vertcal!


just wanted to thank you for your lesson last Thursday. Myself and my brother and father in law had the time of our lives and will have this memory were fantastic and I truly cannot wait to come back and have you teach me some tricks....thanks again and you are awesome..

David Makrianes

Hi Barry,

I just wanted to thank yourself and Jono for all your help and patience with the surf lessons on my holiday. I loved every minuit of it, it was just a shame it was only a week!! The next time ill be on the Island I hope to do a lot more providing im injury free!!! I wish the both of you the best of luck with the surfing and I hope buisness is booming for the rest of the year, it should be!! If you ever in sunny England give me a call.

Thanks once again,

Kind Regards


Barry was an excellent teacher. I had never surfed before, but always wanted to. He is super easy-going, and took the time to patiently explain and show me what I needed to learn to catch my first waves. He picked me and my girlfriend up, and took us to an amazingly beautiful beach where the waves were perfect. He was encouraging and helpful as we spent the morning having a great time in the water. I highly recommend him as a coach to surfers of all levels!

If you want to use any of those surfing pictures on your website, please feel free. Just download the ones you like, and if you ever need large files, you can let me know about specific ones.


I had a great time with Surf Barbados. After traveling for a month in the Eastern Caribbean doing some amazing things, I can definitely say with utmost confidence that Surf Barbados was the highlight of my trip. Our instructors knew what they were doing and had us up in no time. They made us feel very relaxed and made sure that we were having fun, and they succeeded. I highly recommend Surf Barbados to anyone travelling to or near Barbados, it's an experience you'll never forget and I can't wait to do it again!

Victor Wong, Traveling Student from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota

Hey guys,

I just wanted to tell you that I got a chance to surf Barbados and it was SICK! The waves there are perfect. Good size and not choppy at all. The water was sweet.

Anyway, I was able to hook up with a local surfer, Barry. He is definitely a cool dude. He's also got mad skill. He gave me a few pointers and drove me around to check out a couple of spots!

Anyway, I'm just passing you Barry's name because he is definitely solid. If you are ever down in Barbados,...or your friends are looking to surf in the Caribbean,....tell them to go to Barbados and hook up with Barry. Here is his website.

I'll tell you more about my trip either via email or when I hook up with you homies.