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By Barry Banfield So far this year the Swell on the south coast has been quite different to what we are accustomed to. Silver Point, South Point and Freights Bay have been the highlight of January 2009 while Sandy Bay and Brandons have been missing the swell due to a straight East swell direction with a high wave period of 10 seconds. The crowd at these breaks during the morning and midday sessions has been minimal, except on weekends when the hungry local kids and visitors come out. Surf Barbados was on location to see Freights Bay at its best last week Thursday. There was nobody around so it was like heaven on earth for all the students learning to Surf. With long peeling lefts and a hollow peak on the take off you could get barreled on the drop and the wall just opened up all the way into the inside. Representing the Italian Surf crew Ranato was taking off on the SUP board and making it look too easy. South point was breaking right in front of the wall on the inside and connecting the entire way passed the lazy turtle (Marks House). I would have to say South point local Nicky Marshall was in his element getting barreled and cranking out some vertical snaps like it was still the early nineties (he still has the moves). Surfing in Barbados has really become a family affair with moms, dads and kids spending their weekends at the beginner breaks. The future for the sport is looking brighter than ever here in Barbados.