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Families make their Summer Vacation a Surf vacation in Barbados Jul. 26, 2015

Several Families travelled to Barbados to have a Surf Vacation this Summer. Barbados offers warm water to Surf in year round but many families have the longest Vacation time during Summer and often come to Barbados for a Surf Vacation as even though many climates get warmer in Summer the water remains cold and uninviting for Surf.

Summer Surf Camps were action packed this year Jul. 31, 2015

We had 3 full weeks of Summer Surf Camp with sixteen eager groms each week. Their Surfing progressed rapidly as kids Learning to Surf typically do. Many started as Beginner Surfers and left at the end of the week at a more Intermediate Surfing Level.


Surfing Conditions in Barbados stay consistent this June Jun. 23, 2015

All levels of Surfers on Vacation in Barbados this June have come and felt no disappointment in the Surfing Conditions so far this month. Surprisingly consistent swells, often accompanied by off-shore winds have made for fun Surfing sessions for all on Vacation in Barbados.

Big waves send Beginner Surfing Lessons in Barbados mobile May. 12, 2015

Not many people book their Surf Trips to Barbados at this time of year as Surfing Conditions can be a bit inconsistent but boy would they have scored to be here Surfing in Barbados this week. Swells way overhead come through at Brandons making it ideal for advanced Surfers.

Early end to Cricket allows for Beginner Surfing Lessons in Barbados May. 8, 2015

Barbados was busy with British tourists who came to watch England play the West Indies in a five day test match but once the game ended after 3 days they were looking for a pick up and many started Beginner Surf Lessons. They were successful and earned their beers after Surfing with us.


Busy Surfing Season in Barbados May. 4, 2015

December to April is always our busiest  time and luckily the waves have co-operated again this year and helped ensure we were able to supply fun Surfing Lessons no matter the level of Surfer who visited. This time is the most popularf for people to Vacation in Barbados as they escape the winter for some sunshine.

Barbados Biggest Surfing Competition draws International talent Nov. 5, 2014

Annual Surfing Competition in Barbados draws Surfers from the United States, England, Brazil, Venezuela , Martinique, Guadeloupe and Trinidad. Local talent is put to the test and everyone keeps their fingers crossed for ideal Surfing Conditions at Soupbowl, Bathsheba.

Parents beg for a mid-term Surf Camp Oct. 24, 2014

Summer Surf Camps are not enough! Parents pleaded with us to hold another Surf Camp for mid-term School Break this October. We had a group of sixteen eager kids come out to surf daily this past week and the waves co-operated. The kids got approx 3 full hours of Surfing packed in each day.

Intermediate Surf Lessons in Barbados go to Parlour Sep. 30, 2014

Intermediate Surfers head to the East Coast of Barbados for their Surf Lessons as the south is too small for them at this time of year. Parlour proves ideal for these Surfing Lessons as the wind is slight,  the swell is small but the power is still there as it always is on the East Coast of Barbados.

Local kids Surfing Lessons go mobile for bigger waves Sep. 24, 2014

Small waves send our Afterschool Surfing Program to different Surf Spots to keep the kids progressing during their weekly Surfing Lessons. Luckily Barbados has this to offer so only a ten minute drive away will get to you bigger waves if needed.

International Surf News

Makka Pro News Aug. 3, 2007
12 July, 2007 : - - Thousands of citizens from Yallahs and its environs descended on the Makka surfing beach in South Haven, Yallahs on Sunday July 8th

Luke Munro Takes Out the Quiksilver Pro Africa Apr. 22, 2007
A blazing performance by Luke Munro saw the Australian take the inaugural Quiksilver Pro Africa from on-form local hero Jordy Smith.