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Telephone: (246)-256-3906

Barbados Surf Spots

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Barry's Surf School in Barbados

Surf Lessons at Barry’s Surf School allow you to ride your first wave which can change your life forever! During our Surf Lessons you glide across the ocean so effortlessly it becomes addictive; sometimes obsessive; Surfing is the ultimate way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Learning to Surf with Surf Barbados can save you time and frustration. Our instructors are well trained and have spent many years Surfing the waters of Barbados. 99% of students who do Surf Lessons with us stand up in their first Surf Lesson – an experience they will never forget!

Surfing Lessons

  • “Intro To Surfing” offers Surf Lessons designed to teach you the fundamentals of Surfing. Whether you have never done a Surf Lesson before or tried to Surf a couple times one of our professional instructors will teach you the keys to rapid progress while you have lots of fun during your Surf Lesson.
  • Our Surf Lessons start with 15-20 mins of “on the beach” instruction. We then take the Surf Lesson to the water for approx 1 hr 45 mins where you are Surfing with the instructor who guides you through different Surfing techniques to help you catch and ride waves on your own.
  • Surf Lesson price includes Free Surf Board Rental for the remainder of the day so that you can practice what you learnt during the Surfing Lesson. .(Why only Surf for 2 hrs when you can Surf all day)
  • Surf Lesson Price includes Surf board and rash vest.
Contact Barry Banfield to book your Surf Lessons!:
Tel #: 1(246) 256-3906

Surf Stronger Lessons

  • "Surf Stronger" is a package that offers Surf Lessons designed to take your Surfing to the next level. One of our professional Surf instructors will assess your Surfing technique and show you ways to improve your Surfing during 3 Surf Lessons on different days.
  • This Surf course normally takes the Surf Lesson straight to the water with training and assessment by one of our instructors over the course of three days. The Surfing Lessons are for 2 hrs each day with a guide who will teach you different techniques necessary for turning and speed.
  • Surfboard and rash vest are provided during the Surf Lessons and for the week you do the Surf Package.
Contact Barry Banfield to book your Surf Lessons!:
Tel #: 1(246) 256-3906


Monday to Saturday9:30AM-11:30AM and 2:00PM- 4:00PM
Saturday9:30 AM -11:30AM

Barry's Surf School Location

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Surf Barbados is located at Salt Ash Beach Apartments , Dover , Christ Church. Directions : go to Dover Beach and follow the signs saying (Barry’s Surf School)

Barry just wanted to thank you for your lesson last Thursday. Myself and my brother and father in law had the time of our lives and will have this memory were fantastic and I truly cannot wait to come back and have you teach me some tricks....thanks again and you are awesome..
David Makrianes